1 Short-CV

I am currently a Co-Director and full Professor of Media and Game Studies at the Cologne Game Lab (CGL), an institute of the Technical University Cologne that I co-founded in 2010 with Prof. Bjoern Bartholdy. In addition, I am teaching as Associate Professor for Comparative Media Studies at the ifs international film school köln, where—from 2004 to 2014—I was Professor for Aesthetic and Communication, later full Professor for Comparative Media Studies. From 2020 to 2021, I was also a Visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Prior to my academic career, I worked in the US as a freelance writer focusing on social, cultural and aesthetic consequences of the digitalization for (audio-) visual art and communication (1994-2004). In Germany, I was a reporter at large of Tempo magazine (1992-1994), department head and reporter of stern magazine (1983-1990), and editor of the monthly TransAtlantik (1981-1983).

I studied Comparative, German and American literature at the Free University Berlin and worked there as a research assistant. My Master thesis concerned itself with the modern drama, my dissertation with the digitalization of art and entertainment.

I have published more than 20 books of fiction and non-fiction and over 400 papers, essays, short stories, and articles. My last monograph was Games, Game Design, Game Studies. An Introduction. With Contributions by André Czauderna, Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman, published 2015 by transcript, distributed in the US by Columbia University Press. There are also Amazon Kindle and epub versions available.

Since 2019, I am a member of the jury of the subsidy program for “Digital Games and Interactive Content,” Media and Film Board NRW, Duesseldorf.

Since 2018, I am a member of the Academy of Finland’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies.

Since 2015, I am—together with Prof. Björn Bartholdy—Chair of the program board of  “Clash of Realities—International Conference on the Art, Technology, and Theory of Digital Games.”

Since 2012, I am co-editing, together with Prof. Lisa Gotto, the publication series “Bild und Bit. Studien zur digitalen Medienkultur” published by transcript in Bielefeld.

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2 Academic Career

Since 2020
Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester

Since 2018
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies at the University of Tampere (Finland) headed by Frans Mäyrä.
Member of the Advisory Board of the “Cologne Game Incubator.”

Since 2015
Chairman of the program board of the annual research conference “Clash of Realities – International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games” (together with Prof. Björn Bartholdy); sponsored by the Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, the City of Cologne, the Staatskanzlei NRW and Electronic Arts, among others

Member of the Program Committee (PC) for the research conference DiGRA2018
Reviewer for MIT Press

2017, April
Conception of the research project “Literality of the Game(s): Playful Communication of Media Competence in the Field of Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Games” (LdS; together with Prof. Dr. Benjamin Beil, Dr. Hanns Christian Schmidt and Sebastian Felzmann); funded by the Rheinenergiestiftung (2018-2019)

2017, March
Member of the “Social Sciences and Humanities Review Panel for the Center of Excellence Program 2018-2025”, Academy of Finland, Helsinki

2015, Summer
Reviewer of the Science Council for the Institutional Accreditation of the Mediadesign Hochschule für Design und Informatik (MD.H)

2014, September
Election to the Faculty Council of the Faculty 02 Cultural Sciences of the TH Köln; appointment as Chairman of the Examination Committee of the Cologne Game Lab (second term of office)

2014, March
Appointed Professor for Media and Game Studies at the Cologne Game Lab / Cologne University of Applied Sciences and founding director of the Cologne Game Lab; simultaneous acceptance of job offer as Associate Professor for Comparative Media Studies at the ifs internationale filmschule köln

2013, Fall
Conception of the research and publication project “Der Televisionär. Wolfgang Menges transmediales Werk” (together with Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto); funded through the Film and Media Board NRW

2013, Fall
Offered position at the Cologne Game Lab of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences as Professor for Media and Game Studies (accepted)

2013, Fall
Offered position at the Games Academy Hochschule der digitalen Gesellschaft Berlin as founding president and Professor for Media Studies (declined)

2013, Spring
Conception of an integrated introductory Games education (Bachelor / Master) for the Cologne Game Lab at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (together with Prof. Björn Bartholdy and André Czauderna)

2013, Januar
Appointment chairperson of the Examination Committee of the ifs internationale filmschule köln (fourth term)

2012, Fall
Advisor to the GAH – Games Academy Hochschule in Gründung, Berlin (until start of 2014)

2012, Summer
Conception of the publication series “Bild und Bit. Studien zur digitalen Medienkultur” (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto, at the transcript-Verlag, Bielefeld). The first volumes appearing in fall of 2012 are: “Bildwerte. Visualität in der digitalen Medienkultur” (ed. GSF and Lisa Gotto) as well as in fall of 2013 “Serious Games, Exergames, Exerlearning” (ed. GSF, Lisa Gotto and Fabian Wallenfells)

2011, April
Appointment to chairperson of the Examination Committee of the ifs internationale filmschule köln (third term)

2010, June
Head of the summer school “People on Sunday 2010,” a collaboration between the ifs internationale filmschule köln and the UCLA Film School

2010, May
Accreditation of the Master program Game Development and Research at the Cologne Game Lab

2010, April
Appointment to the position of part-time director of the Cologne Game Lab (together with Prof. Björn Bartholdy)

2009, January
Among the winners of the first funding competition Medien.NRW are the Cologne Game Lab (Cologne University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with Prof. Bartholdy) and the Serious Games project “ssl – sportlich spielend lernen” (ifs köln, in collaboration with Prof. Wessely).

2008, September
Conception of the research and further education project in the field of Serious Games “ssl – sportlich spielend lernen” at the ifs (in collaboration with Prof. Dominik Wessely).

2008, March
Entry into the executive committee of the project Cologne Game Lab (Content & Design for Games / Nonlinear Media), as person responsible for teaching Game Design (in collaboration with the initiator Prof. Björn Bartholdy, KISD, / responsible for A/V Design); the goal is a Master course of study in Game Development and Research as well as continuing education and research


2008, January
Appointment to the position of chairman of the Examination Committee of the ifs internationale filmschule köln (second term)

2006, August
Professor for Media Studies with a focus on audiovisual art and communication, ifs internationale filmschule köln / Fachhochschule Köln (change in contract after negotiations to remain in office)

2006, July
Job offer at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, declined

2006, July
Increase of the half to a full professorship at the ifs internationale filmschule köln

2005, February
Appointment to the position of chairman of the Examination Committee of the  ifs internationale filmschule köln


2004, November
Job offer at the  ifs internationale filmschule köln for Professor of Aesthetics and Communication with a focus on the aesthetic and communicative consequences of the Digitalization (temporary, part-time)

2004, February
Completion of doctorate proceedings: summa cum laude

Writing of Ph.D. dissertation Digitalisierung. Die transmediale Konversion von Kunst und Unterhaltung in der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts (Digitalization. The Transmedial Conversion of Art and Communication in the Second Half of the 20th Century).

Separate publication of the communication-theoretical and communication-historical parts of the research project on digitalization (esp. Kommunikette 2.0, see German List of Publications)

Conception of a new academic-aesthetic research project concerning a transmedia theory and history of the digitalization of art and communication

1993 ff.
Research into the consequences of the Digitalization for art and communication; publication in anthologies and trade and general-interest magazines (as well as literary-journalistic activity, see below: media practice)

Publication of parts of my studies on adaptation and media transfer  (“The Postman Never Stops Ringing”, see German List of Publications)

The insight into the aesthetic turn, which the Digitalization meant for all arts, leads to reorienting my research toward the connection between artistic and media-technical progress

Academic assistant at the Institute of Comparative Literature at the FU Berlin. Independent holding of introductory courses and introductory seminars as well as advanced seminars together with Prof. Eberhard Lämmert, Ph.D. Work on a dissertation on adaptation and media transfer.

Enrollment in the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.” Conception of a dissertation on the history and theory of adaptation and media transfer.

Master of Arts: with distinction

Assistant to a storytelling research project of the Volkswagen Foundation (directed by Prof. Eberhard Lämmert, Ph.D.)

Student tutor at the Institute of Comparative Literature at the FU Berlin

Studied at the Free University Berlin: Comparative Literature, German and American Literature as well as History. Focus: Media theory, media history, aesthetics & communication; the relationship between literature and (audio-) visual media (visual art, drama, radio, film, TV)

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3 Media Practice: Author, Editor, Advisor 

Since 2019
Member of the jury of the subsidy program for “Digital Games and Interactive Content,” Media and Film Board NRW, Duesseldorf
Member of the competence group “GamesTalente”

2015 – 2018
Juror of the German Computer Game Award

Chair of the advisory panel for the subsidy program “Innovative Audiovisual Media Contents,” Media and Film Board NRW, Duesseldorf

2011, September
Release of the German-language documentary film Wolfgang Petersen: Mein Leben, mein Werk (22 minutes, scriptwriter and director) on the BluRay-Edition of Das Boot – Steelbook (Anniversary Edition, 3 Disc, Eurovideo)

2011, Juli
Release of the English-language documentary film Wolfgang Petersen: Back to the Boat (45 minutes, Writer / Director) on the BluRay edition of Das Boot. Director’s Cut (Sony America)

2011, Januar
Representative of the Filmstiftung NRW for the development of new media funding projects and the pilot funding project for audiovisual media content.

2009, Oktober
Juror of the Bild-Kunst-Förderpreis of the KunstFilmBiennale 2009

2009, Juni
Appointment by the Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and Media of the State Northrhein-Westfalia Andreas Krautscheid to the film funding committee of the Film and Media Board North Rhine-Westphalia (until December 2010)

2008, Juli
Appointment by State Minister Bernd Neumann to the jury for the awarding of the Innovation Prize of the German Film Funds (for three years)

2005 ff.
Journalist and media advisor in Germany. Focus: computers and networking, digital media and communication. Contributions to anthologies as well as magazines, incl. Der Spiegel, NZZ Folio, Film-Dienst, Telepolis, Zeitschrift für Personalführung, Schweizer Monatshefte

Work on Kommunikette 2.0 (SC 2002)

Exhibition concept for the section “digital future of the cinema” in the Film Museum Berlin; contribution to the museum catalog

Novel Bogarts Bruder receives the German Mystery Award


Work on the novel Perlen für die Säue (HC 1999, PB 2001)

Work on the novel Bogarts Bruder (HC 1997, PB 1998)

With Charles Bukowski, San Pedro, California, 1994 (Photo: Michael Montfort)
With Charles Bukowski, San Pedro, California, 1994
(Photo: Michael Montfort)

Work on the Bukowski book Portrait of a Dirty Old Man Dying (Ger. HC 1996, Eng. SC 2000)

Freelance journalist in the US. Focus: digitalization – digital media, digital art, digital communication, computer, and networking. Contributions, among others, in the dailies Berliner Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Los Angeles Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, Die Welt; the weeklies Financial Times Deutschland, Der Spiegel, Weltwoche, Die Zeit; the monthlies Cinema, DU, Internet Professionell, NZZ Folio, Spiegel Special; also Kursbuch, pl@net, Telepolis, c’t – magazin für computertechnik

Arbeitszimmer auf der Canyon Creek Ranch, Snowflake, Arizona (aus dem Spiegel-Special-Artikel Einsame Adler, Mai 1997)
Office at Canyon Creek Ranch, Snowflake, Arizona (from Spiegel-Special-Artikel “Einsame Adler,” May 1997)

Work on the book Cyberland. Eine Führung durch den Hightech-Underground. Research on the US West Coast, numerous interviews with researchers and theoreticians of the cultural process of digitalization. Magazine publications and book publication (SC 1996, PB 1998)

Work on the film book Spion unter Sternen. Lauschangriffe auf Hauptdarsteller (SC 1994)

Als Tempo-Reporter mit Anthony Hopkins, Berlin 1992
As Tempo reporter with Anthony Hopkins, Berlin 1992

Work on the film book Der Übernehmer. Volker Schlöndorff in Babelsberg (SC 1993)

Chief reporter Tempo (Hamburg)

Work on Endspieler, a collection of essays, reporting, and short stories from the dying “old” Federal Republic of Germany (SC 1993)

Advisor to the editor-in-chief of Elle (Munich).

Work on the novel Der Ausweg (HC 1989, pre-publication in stern)

Work on the film and cultural history project Reise in die Verlorengegangenheit. Auf den Spuren deutscher Emigranten (1933-1940). Publication as a series in stern (1988) and in book form (HC 1990, PB 1993)

Als stern-Reporter mit Andy Warhol in der Factory, New York, 1985
As stern reporter with Andy Warhol in the Factory,
New York 1985

Head of department & reporter stern (Hamburg)

Editor TransAtlantik (Munich)

Freelance journalist in Berlin. Reporting and essays, among others, for TransAtlantik, Tip; radio and film work.


4 Skills & Biographical Data 

General Skills

Communicative and intellectual strengths: transcultural and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer; especially between the US and Europe, between academia and popular media as well as older studies of the arts (literature and art studies, aesthetics) and the newer culture, communication, and media studies shaped by the digitalization

Language skills: Spoken and written fluency in German (native), author of fiction and non-fiction; spoken and written fluency in English (near-native), author of non-fiction; Latin proficiency certificate; rudimentary knowledge of French

Professional Skills

Pedagogical Practice: extensive teaching experience, incl. through university instruction, lecturing, and advising

Journalistic Practice: extensive editing and management experience; incl. through work as head of department and reporter at stern as well as a chief reporter at Tempo; experience as a freelance writer and journalist specializing in computers, networking, digital media, incl. seven years for c’t – Magazin für Computertechnik

Artistic Practice: multimedial storytelling and media designer; incl. as the author of novels and screenplays as well as through work on numerous off- and online A/V media productions; aesthetic focus: the amalgamation of European-American narrative traditions in text and A/V media

IT-Practice: professional knowledge of Mac OS (since 1984); familiarity with roughly two dozen relevant communication, narration, and multimedia applications through critical testing as a technology journalist as well as personal use in academic work and aesthetic production

Biographical Data

1955: Born, German citizenship (Hanover)
1973: Graduation with “Abitur” from Leibnizschule (Hanover)
1980: Magister Artium, with distinction (FU Berlin)
1983: Marriage to Elke Mignon Maria Freyermuth, née Waldvogel (Berlin)
1989: Immigration into the US (New York, NY)
1994: Birth of son Leon S. Freyermuth (Los Angeles, CA)
1997: Birth of son George S. Freyermuth (Los Angeles, CA)
2001: Adoption of US citizenship (Phoenix, AZ)
2004: Doctorate, summa cum laude (FU Berlin)
2005: Relocation to Germany (Berlin / Cologne)

CV incl. List of Publications as pdf file –> 20-08 CV Freyermuth English